One team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore shared how they used minibrains for Zika research. Because the Zika virus attacks the embryonic brain and minibrains resemble a brain that’s in its early stages of development, they proved particularly well- suited for this kind of study. The researchers ultimately discovered how Zika turns the developing brain cells of an embryo into a viral factory, leading to cellular death and smaller brain cells." I do really think they are on to something here they can put in things to see how they affect the brain.  What age this all happens to a person.
The article ends: "'Better Understanding of The Human Brain Dr. Thomas Hartung, a researcher and experimental toxicologist at Johns Hopkins, told NPR  that the minibrains’ greatest potential lies in the testing of new drugs for various brain diseases. He explains that animal testing provides misleading results since they are not the same as human brains. 'We need human systems to tell us about humans, and that’s why this is such a big step forward,' says Hartung. Minibrains have been made berfore by various researchers for other purposes, but the showcasing of this method at a meeting of the Society of Neuroscience shows that researchers are taking it seriously as a better platform to study the brain. In the future, these lab-made clusters of cells could put us on the path to finding cures for all sorts of brain disorders." If not a cure yes better medication something you do not have to take with food.  That puts you to sleep just to take your medication.  Yes if not understanding how and why these diseases happen to a person better treatments.