Monday, January 30, 2012

Understanding Miserable Feelings

Negative emotions are feelings which cause you to be miserable, sad, angry, hateful or even jealous; yet you may want to know that these feelings and emotions are natural. Though they can downgrade our attitude in life, we are the ones who choose to let these negative emotions affect us.
When we have negative emotions we stop thinking and relating to situations and reality. We only care for what we want and the negative feelings continue, becoming even more negative, even harmful to the self or others. When we are delving into emotions, we are thinking, this is psychological and when we feel, we are in the realm of the physical. Emotions and feelings are complex yet there are a number of ways to deal with the negative emotions we have.
1. Don’t keep rehearsing the same problem over and over
2. Relax and find that realm which pleasures you
3. Learn what makes you angry and what causes such
4. Change you direction, don’t be afraid to turn away from the negative
I found this short editorial on negative4 emotions after I realized I felt tired and miserable at having to work the weekend preparing my apartment for pesticides, due to be done on a work day of which I couldn’t afford to be excused from, which was a problem, yet I have a project at work which had to be completed and done perfectly. Such the case I was alone, moving and thinking many things without any help. I felt plain miserable because I had no help with the one scenario at home, nor with the other, soon to be completed at work. This is a lot when you are diagnosed with a dual diagnosis, and with reason to seek escape; it’s hard to grasp the real sense of success when you face the battle alone. I read the information and began to understand I was afraid I would fail and that acceptance was making things work, not sulking and feeling negative. I finally patted myself on the back and understood how to cope with these problems, by letting go and knowing that this past week and weekend were an exercise that I have accomplished in finally feeling good about.
Written by Donald Sammons

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mental Illness

Another week has passed by. This new week looks to be a good week. Had the weekend off of work and did my weekend walk and picked up a couple of movies to watch. By going to pick up movies is how I make sure I walk every weekend. I am happy I have not quit exercising it is good for you even if you do not lose any weight. There was only one story I heard about this week in the mental health news.
It was the Supreme Court decision to not make a mentally ill woman have an abortion and sterilized. It is a big case. It makes me think that mentally ill women have a lot to worry about. It is not just being mentally ill. What I did read about is getting an advance directive or a mental health proxy so this does not happen to anyone else. To even bring this up sounds like something that happened in the last century.
Every person is different and they all make different decisions in their lives. There are all kinds of different people regardless if they are mentally ill that have different values. We have to respect that. I am glad in the decision of the Supreme Court. Everyone of course will have different opinions that what makes life good.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Changing Your Mind in Recovery

There was a time when Mental Health meant nothing to me. I did not consider myself mentally ill, while drowning in alcohol and running the streets until all hours passed and using drugs till I had to become drunk again. All the while, I believed I had no mental problems, not one. After coming into contact with mental health counselors and doctors, I felt I wanted go straight, quit drinking and using illicit drugs, yet something else inside me kept telling me I needed my freedom, I needed friends to understand me and how I saw the world. I turned away from the mental health center, not realizing till I tried twice again to get help that I needed help; I understood I was alone in my beliefs and there was nothing concrete or real about them.

This scenario happens to many people, especially to dually-diagnosed and manic depressive individuals. We seek help or are offered a helping hand, yet down the line we turn and run for what is more comforting as we believe life has been for us or can be by more arcane ideas, other un-orthodox beliefs.

When seeking help, we should understand at first sight that our ideas have caused us troubles as have the ideas of those we trusted we have followed, into the early morning hours. We don’t walk away from the table when the cards are right, we follow through with our understanding that we cannot fail in our direction of not taking a drink or other avenues which my start us on the road of destruction. We must learn what causes self self-destrcrtion and learn to turn our back to it instead of turning over the losing card. In turn we must be brave and face what “evils” lurk within, and turn our worthless dreams into the bounty of ideas which give us positive growth.

Following the precepts of Mental Health, and psychotherapy, not to mention other schools of thought, we are able to change our negative ideas into positive and good works which not only help us to lead a better life; yet let our peers know as well that we have a keener understanding, and a willingness to share a new life, one of which we have inherited. Determination is what you are seeking to overcome the obstacles which cause the backsliding attitude which causes failure, which keeps you turning in different directions. To become strong and to live again, with peace of mind, you must look into your thoughts and know that they can be soothed and you can be freed from the pain to change the obstacles, which have caused you to live within

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This is a very good subject whether or not you are mentally ill. I received this article on How memory works. They say in the article that: “There are three stages to making and recalling a memory: Encoding, Storage and Retrieval of information.” It also says: “Memory only works if you are paying attention.” That is so true. When you are not paying attention or just a little attention you cannot recall everything that was said. My memory of numbers works the best for me.
All I have to do is repeat a number once and I will remember it. That has been all my life. Before cell phones and contact list on a cell phone. I did not have a phone book. All the number s of people and there were a lot. I could recall your number by just being told your phone number. I still do work on my memory though. The reason is I am very scared of getting Alzheimer’s. The reason is I want to always be independent and remember to take my medication. As I said in previous blogs, I do not like being sick from my mental illness.
My previous boss had me put a memory program on my computer to test if it worked. I work with it twenty minutes a day. It does help and my favorite part of the program is jewels hidden by fish and you have to track them. I have been able to track up to six jewels at a time. My memory is nothing compared to my grandsons though. He can remember six months back when we went to a restaurant. He can remember where everyone was sitting the last time we came to that restaurant.
The article also says: “The more you practice or remember something the stronger the connection gets, and the easier it is to remember.” That must be the reason I only have to repeat numbers once. I am going to close with a link to “10 Famous people who Battled Alzheimer’s.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Barriers in Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health Treatment is available for anyone, children and adults men and women of all ages; yet many people do not solicit treatment for various reasons. This may be a denial of treatment which can lead individuals into a worsened condition, causing a breakdown in not only the physical health, yet also mental health, legal, marriage, employment and escalated drug use. There are certain barriers which cause people not to seek mental health treatment, believing that the illness will pass and also believing that psychiatric care is not beneficial to their needs. There are financial concerns and for this reason many people do not seek the help they need and this leads us into racial groups, age, culture and gender groups who may be seeking help yet cannot because of their financial means.

The reality of those suffering from mental illness is that these people do not realize they are suffering or are ill, unlike having a physical illness. Any one person can believe that their behavior and mentality is normal yet may be experiencing disordered thinking and this is where the family can intervene and help in stabilizing the individual.

The ability to reach Mental Healthcare services is another barrier to treatment. Transportation and responsibilities are reasons why an individual may not be able to connect to mental health services, not to mention hospitalization in the city and the waiting list the mentally ill are waiting on slow treatments and these people often give up on waiting for these services.

Self stigma is another reason barriers exist in people seeking mental health care realizing stereotypes could damage their lives and relationships as well as embarrass and cause fear of what their peers may think of them as they may need services from mental health. As I had first sought treatment out of the concerns of my family, I experienced embarrassment and began to fear those I had associated with as friends due to my connection with mental health and the taking of medications to curb my drug use and the illness which beset me. I couldn’t pay for the services as I was in between jobs; I eventually stop seeing the therapist. Yet time passed and I was helped onward with state funding and was able to continue treatment. This is only a brief episode of the barriers I had to eventually overcome, as will the many who seek a better life free from their mental barriers.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I came across and interesting article yesterday about diabetes. This study is about one problem that people with a mental disability have. I wrote before that people with a mental disability die twenty five years younger than the general population. One disease they get most often is diabetes. This article confirms what has been written about before.
In the article they are not sure if the medications cause weight gain to happen, and is the primary cause of diabetes. The second reason they are not sure of it is the medicine actually causing the diabetes or is it the weight gain. They really have to look into that aspect. Being mentally ill know this is important to find out which is causing diabetes. If it is the medicine even if you lost weight you would not be able to be free of diabetes. “The department review included drugs sold under the brand names Abilify, Clozaril,Geodon, Reisperdal and Zyprexa.”

They do know this is a big issue. What they do not know is if people were predisposed of getting diabetes before the medication or is it just the result of the medication. This is a quote from the article “In fiscal 2005 -- the 12-month period ending June 30 of that year -- 67,395 adults ages 18-64 were enrolled in Vermont's Medicaid system. Of those, 5,445 got prescriptions for one of the antipsychotic drugs, and 547 of those patients -- a bit more than 10 percent -- also had diabetes, the department's report said.”
I hope they find out soon although I do not know much of a difference it will make. Reading from schizophrenics about their illness, it would seem they would still continue to take the medication because it helps. Diabetes would just be another side effect. Although it could help researchers if it is the medication causing diabetes to find a way to take that side effect out of medication so we have medication that does not cause this side effect.
On a different note I am including this article on genius's that had mental illness.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Success: an effect of Recovery in Mental Health

Twenty-six years ago I was sitting in a halfway house, street drugs in my system, listening to doctors and case managers about my mental and physical health. I didn’t really care. In my mind I was already a failure, success was far beyond my reach and I had no aspirations to attain any greater achievements. To achieve a goal is to do something outstanding or worthy of others desire, this is an accomplishment, this is success. I had not given thought of this attitude; all I sought at that time was respect on the streets and that was not with dignity or self esteem. My recovery was a slow process and at every turn my own ego took a blow; my heart was beginning to understand failure and my mind was opening to what success truly is.

In Recovery at MHCD (Mental Health Center of Denver), we learn to understand what determination means, being serious and with purpose in arriving at a decision. Having strength, faith and hope in overcoming any barriers. Mental Illness is a barrier to self esteem, dignity and hope, and to succeed you must want to overcome the internal battles; looking forward to success is the resolution to end the fears of your life and the weakness of your own self esteem. We must be assured of our direction and in what we believe not doubting because of what we fear or what others may cause us to perceive.

Our hope must rest in what our purpose maybe and through the critiques of our advocates, whether they are case managers, clinicians, therapist, family or friends we persevere over our illness and have begun to reach a successful stage in Recovery by making the right decision.

“We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears”
La Rochefoucauld---Maxims, 38

Written by Donald Sammons

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Is it slowly going away, I do not think so? In this article it says it is improving for people with mental illness and work. They say there is not as much stigma as there once was. This article talks about employees getting more mental health services than before. That sounds better than a couple of months ago when all the talk was about Jared Loughner.
It looked like stigma was here to stay and nothing could change it. I believe with celebrities coming out and speaking about it has helped. It is also more productive if companies accept and get there employees help. That would help a lot. Then at least some companies would not hinder their employees from seeking help. It would be hard to work and have a mental illness. I would be pretty embarrassed if I had to come back to the same job after a breakdown.
It was a lot worse twenty or forty years back. I think more people are talking about mental illness than before. Let’s hope they can understand it right and we do not have as much stigma as before. “Mental illness is one of the leading causes of workplace absenteeism." It would be hard to lose your job because you are mentally ill. The reason why is “about half of people with mental and substance abuse problems go without treatment, the figures show.” If you do not understand that you are mentally ill how can you ask for help? There is a lot of absenteeism, due to mental illness, but this may be because people do not know that they maybe mentally-ill, and that is because of the fear (stigma) associated with mental illness

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Benefits of Psychiatry

For a long time, I have given thought as to what the benefits of psychotherapy are, what are the reasons for psychiatry/psychotherapy? There are many reasons for changing your life, your life style, and growing. You may feel uncertain about what you want in life, you may be feeling negative about people including relationships with friends or family, others may see you as self destructing and you may feel you cannot make changes alone.
Psychiatry/psychotherapy helps others who are feeling under the weather to change their emotional and psychological imbalances, helping to see the problem and lend support to making those changes and decisions that we have that are insight to our problems. Through psychiatry/psychotherapy, I learned to have less fear in seeking answers to questions which plagued me as well as my attitude toward life. I found stabilization with the help and use of not only therapist, yet also medication, and was able to slow myself down mentally so that I could become aware of what others communicated to me. With psychiatry/psychotherapy, I was able to lift that veil of distrust, and break away from the distraught feelings and anguish which beset me. I began to find answers without fear and find strength without the use of street drugs.
There are of course newer approaches in psychology, but we must always remember we adapt by the mind, we change by ideas. To make changes through realization, takes guidance and also mindfulness of the consumer to become aware of their ideas. There are those who are disabled through birth, even injury, through manipulations not understood. We must understand that through psychiatry/psychotherapy the helping hand guides the mind from its troubled state to one which may see with clarity again. Psychotherapy/psychiatry has helped change many people with many different issues especially behavioral, and the many kinds of treatments have helped many through the bountiful stresses of life we may suffer from.
Written by Donald Sammons