Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mental Illness

Another week has passed by. This new week looks to be a good week. Had the weekend off of work and did my weekend walk and picked up a couple of movies to watch. By going to pick up movies is how I make sure I walk every weekend. I am happy I have not quit exercising it is good for you even if you do not lose any weight. There was only one story I heard about this week in the mental health news.
It was the Supreme Court decision to not make a mentally ill woman have an abortion and sterilized. It is a big case. It makes me think that mentally ill women have a lot to worry about. It is not just being mentally ill. What I did read about is getting an advance directive or a mental health proxy so this does not happen to anyone else. To even bring this up sounds like something that happened in the last century.
Every person is different and they all make different decisions in their lives. There are all kinds of different people regardless if they are mentally ill that have different values. We have to respect that. I am glad in the decision of the Supreme Court. Everyone of course will have different opinions that what makes life good.

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