Monday, January 23, 2012

Changing Your Mind in Recovery

There was a time when Mental Health meant nothing to me. I did not consider myself mentally ill, while drowning in alcohol and running the streets until all hours passed and using drugs till I had to become drunk again. All the while, I believed I had no mental problems, not one. After coming into contact with mental health counselors and doctors, I felt I wanted go straight, quit drinking and using illicit drugs, yet something else inside me kept telling me I needed my freedom, I needed friends to understand me and how I saw the world. I turned away from the mental health center, not realizing till I tried twice again to get help that I needed help; I understood I was alone in my beliefs and there was nothing concrete or real about them.

This scenario happens to many people, especially to dually-diagnosed and manic depressive individuals. We seek help or are offered a helping hand, yet down the line we turn and run for what is more comforting as we believe life has been for us or can be by more arcane ideas, other un-orthodox beliefs.

When seeking help, we should understand at first sight that our ideas have caused us troubles as have the ideas of those we trusted we have followed, into the early morning hours. We don’t walk away from the table when the cards are right, we follow through with our understanding that we cannot fail in our direction of not taking a drink or other avenues which my start us on the road of destruction. We must learn what causes self self-destrcrtion and learn to turn our back to it instead of turning over the losing card. In turn we must be brave and face what “evils” lurk within, and turn our worthless dreams into the bounty of ideas which give us positive growth.

Following the precepts of Mental Health, and psychotherapy, not to mention other schools of thought, we are able to change our negative ideas into positive and good works which not only help us to lead a better life; yet let our peers know as well that we have a keener understanding, and a willingness to share a new life, one of which we have inherited. Determination is what you are seeking to overcome the obstacles which cause the backsliding attitude which causes failure, which keeps you turning in different directions. To become strong and to live again, with peace of mind, you must look into your thoughts and know that they can be soothed and you can be freed from the pain to change the obstacles, which have caused you to live within

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