Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Benefits of Psychiatry

For a long time, I have given thought as to what the benefits of psychotherapy are, what are the reasons for psychiatry/psychotherapy? There are many reasons for changing your life, your life style, and growing. You may feel uncertain about what you want in life, you may be feeling negative about people including relationships with friends or family, others may see you as self destructing and you may feel you cannot make changes alone.
Psychiatry/psychotherapy helps others who are feeling under the weather to change their emotional and psychological imbalances, helping to see the problem and lend support to making those changes and decisions that we have that are insight to our problems. Through psychiatry/psychotherapy, I learned to have less fear in seeking answers to questions which plagued me as well as my attitude toward life. I found stabilization with the help and use of not only therapist, yet also medication, and was able to slow myself down mentally so that I could become aware of what others communicated to me. With psychiatry/psychotherapy, I was able to lift that veil of distrust, and break away from the distraught feelings and anguish which beset me. I began to find answers without fear and find strength without the use of street drugs.
There are of course newer approaches in psychology, but we must always remember we adapt by the mind, we change by ideas. To make changes through realization, takes guidance and also mindfulness of the consumer to become aware of their ideas. There are those who are disabled through birth, even injury, through manipulations not understood. We must understand that through psychiatry/psychotherapy the helping hand guides the mind from its troubled state to one which may see with clarity again. Psychotherapy/psychiatry has helped change many people with many different issues especially behavioral, and the many kinds of treatments have helped many through the bountiful stresses of life we may suffer from.
Written by Donald Sammons

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