Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well Christmas has come and gone this year. It was a nice Christmas especially for me and all the kids in my family. Now we get ready to start a New Year. Which as always I hope will be better than the last one. Even though this one was not that bad and I hope to continue to lose weight this New Year. I hope I can meet the goal I set on losing weight this New Year. I have not set a deadline for when I will be at my weight goal. I just set the goal of weight I would like to achieve.
The sidewalks were not that clear to walk on this last weekend. Hopefully this weekend the will be more clear. Sometimes it seems like a long road before I will reach my weight goal. Although I know when I reach it I will be extremely happy. At first a lot of weight came off. Then it slowed down, although by losing weight slow I am hoping it will stay off. I started gaining weight going on fourteen years ago.
I believed it was because I had stopped smoking. As fast as I gained I should have realized it was the medications. Even my doctor at the time did not know why I was gaining weight so fast. It happened at a time when they were putting me on blood pressure medicine. I do not know which came first the weight or the blood pressure medicine. Although it is the blood pressure medicine I am trying to eventually be able to stop taking.
I believe if I can continue to stay healthy and lose weight by exercising and taking walks I can achieve this goal. I am hoping before the New Year is over I can achieve all these goals.

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