Wednesday, December 21, 2011


In last week’s blog I talked about the bad counselor I had when I was younger, and wanted me to stop drinking. I will now talk about a good counselor I when I did want to stop drinking for good. The counselor worked with me and of course they put me on antibuse. Although this time I did not try to drink on the antibuse. Something had changed in me and I did not want to end up in prison for life and that was the road I was headed for.
The first thing the counselor asked me was “What were my triggers?” One of my triggers was Friday nights after I received my paycheck. I used to get paid and pay all my bills then I would drink until Sunday. We were told to write our three triggers on a piece of paper and carry then in our wallets. We were told to look at them, especially when we had the urge to drink. To also understand what made us drink.
Then the counselor asked “Why we drank?” was it to overcome problems. I drank because that was the only way I knew how to handle problems, and everyday life. I could not have just one or two drinks and call it a night. When I started to drink it was to get drunk. That was how I drank. I believe with this counselor and AA. I was able to quit. It also helped that this time I wanted to quit.
I had seen my past and knew if I did not get a handle on my drinking I was going to spend the rest of my life in prison. I believe it is that way with a lot of prisoners. When they are alone in their cell, they would like to change. The do not know how to or what a better life they would have without drinking or drugging.
I also read recently in a blog about “14 ways to change your brain” There were many points that really resonated with me. For example, point 2: Meditate. Although I may not take a yoga class as they suggest, I really like the idea of having some time to meditate.

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