Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elemental Visit

We at MHCD had visitors from Elemental group located in the United Kingdom. We showed them what we do here in Research Department. Although mostly they talked to us about their training in Crazy Diamond, in which they believe people are mentally distressed, not mentally ill. Also which is on their Elemental website and also they talked about THRIVE which stand for Time-Healing-Resilience-Interdependence-Vivacity-Emancipation. We also took them to one of our clinical sites which was Clermont and let them meet and talk to clinicians and psychiatrist. It went great every loved the humor and what the Elemental group does. We can all use humor to make the day feel better, especially if you are a consumer. I would also like to point out that what Thrive and MHCD’s idea of recovery are basically the same principle. I would also like to mention from hearing them talk is that they do not follow the typical “medical model” but believe in it is your choice if you want to take medication to recover or thrive. I feel great that they feel that way. After Clermont we went to 2Succceed, where we had lunch and met with the survey team and the consumer partnership council. We also learned about 2Succeeds education and employment model. It was a great visit and very good learning day. I was glad to finally meet Marion Aslan from Elemental and Crazy Diamond trainer, Rowland Urey, who was here two years ago. Mike Smith who also is a trainer for Crazy Diamond.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Recovery Story

This is a story from a Co-worker of mine at evaluation and Research.
We all have bad days. Sometimes they last for a short while, some longer than others. Sometimes those confused states never end; the gray and dark days of accelerated hours that carry us into the distance while we are still trying to decide what is right, are real.
When these scenarios occur, we know deep inside we need someone, life has become overwhelming and we need to return to the starting point from where we took our first step.
The law speaks; those who want situations resolved that cannot be handled by citizens who “want no trouble”. You or I, who are mentally ill, are seeking peace and someone to understand with. The psychiatrist will listen and diagnose the situations that twist reality, and during this process they are hopeful that you or I will begin to recover from our lack of understanding through our emotional needs and through education. Wanting us to grow is a step beyond sitting in jail.
There are a great number of facilities which deal / help people who are suffering from mental illness. The far reaching hand of Mental Health ranges from Public Schools, universities to solicitation on the streets. There are people who want to help the down trodden; there are people who reach out and take their hand who want to believe they can be helped.
I once believed I was not mentally ill. Drugs, alcohol and endless days and nights rushing to keep a peace of mind were my only reality. That began when I was very young. It took me over 28 years to realize my mirror was clouded as I began to see that I carried a weight that would not let me exist.
I am a statistic of hope to those who want to see someone rest from their distressful life, and I am grateful for this hope in my recovery. With the guidance of others, who did not believe in incarceration, I survived with their guidance, I have not only new found friends, not only people I can trust, yet case managers and clinicians, who can help someone as myself look up to themselves and trust.
By Donald Sammons

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happiness and Recovery

Are happiness and recovery connected? I believe they are, to be recovered you cannot be sad. In that respect you would want to be happy. I read a story where a man was diagnosed with Cancer, and did not have long to live. Well he went home and put on old movies and laughed and laughed. He then went back to the Doctor and was told he was cured of Cancer. I thought about this and then I started recording 70s shows, that I thought were funny. Two of which are Good Times and All in the Family. On weekends when I'm home, I watch them and do laugh and know it is good for my health and recovery. I also learn something else by watching them, that is times really have not changed that much. There was a recession not a depression. Unemployment was high and Retirees on Social Security, if they made $25 dollars for sewing or something, for every $2 dollars they made they had to pay social security back a dollar. Does all that sound familar? How did they deal with it back then. By laughter and sayings like you'll "bounce back" or "life will get better you just have to keep on keeping on" that is like recovery you're down for a second then you bounce back. It's not forever life does get better. That is what makes me happy, to start a new week. What do you do for happiness and are recovery and happiness connected?

Monday, October 12, 2009

UK Visit

This is from my coworker at Evaluation and Research, we are expecting a visit from the UK and a few from Elemental which I have wrote about before.
My name is Donald Sammons; I live in Denver, Colorado and have been living here amongst friends for 45 years. I am currently employed at the Mental Health Center of Denver and have been working as an Evaluation and Research for 2 years. In much the same way as our associates from the UK I too am working for the better part of growing mentally and becoming a stronger person, free from drugs and the ignorance of my own acceptances.
The people of the UK are now becoming our guest in Denver, exploring MHCD, and its process' and the consumers as well as the staff here. We have much to talk abut and share as consumers, establishing what works for sobriety and what works for stabilization for individuals with mental disabilities. As a client (consumer) and employee of MHCD, I have many questions to ask our friends for the UK.
I especially want to know about their trip to Denver, and I would want them to know that we are not so lacking in our growth, our spontaneity in helping those who are downtrodden and most of all our sincerity.
The mental health system has come a long way as being a componet of health and growth. Though we use medicines, to curb the attitudes of those who may seem uncontrollable, I personally would like to know if this is the same with the European Mental Health system? How do the clients make a change from the system, to becoming self sufficient, how do they become re-educated and do they keep open channels with the people whom have helped them to overcome their illness'?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mental Health Recovery

I last wrote about these books, I have been reading and listening to on audio book. Today, I am going to write about the Mastery of Love, which I listened to on the way to work. I am also going to write about recovery and world mental health day. First an excerpt from the audio book. When you see somone down, you do not feel sorry for them, because if you feel they cannot get back up. You would not be respecting them, because you would feel they are not strong enough to pull themselves up and you may offer a hand. That would be giving them respect and love. To also know that fear in action can only bring suffering. Love in action can bring happiness. Also something you probably already know is that all actions bring about consequences. The audio book made me think about that and did you know that even if you had sixty percent fear in you and forty percent love, fear would still thrive. What most of the book is trying to say is switch from fear to love and the world will change one person at a time, and your life would get better. It is funny how each time you read or listen to a book, you read or hear something you did not before? Listening and reading my books make me feel good everyday. I want to learn and do better all the time. How are you doing let me know. Now I am going to switch gears and talk about world mental health day which is a video on YouTube I received from Elemental. The video said that world mental health day is on October 10th. Elemental is going to celebrate it for their clients on October 10th. I guess others celebrate it on October 20th. In the UK they do not mention illness. Also I misunderstood, when I read about thriving, which I wrote about in an earlier post. I thought a person had to be off their medication to be a thriver. In today's video they said you had to reduce or be off your medication. That makes me feel good, because I am at the lowest dose of Geodon. It works well for me. How does your medication work for you?