Monday, October 26, 2009

Recovery Story

This is a story from a Co-worker of mine at evaluation and Research.
We all have bad days. Sometimes they last for a short while, some longer than others. Sometimes those confused states never end; the gray and dark days of accelerated hours that carry us into the distance while we are still trying to decide what is right, are real.
When these scenarios occur, we know deep inside we need someone, life has become overwhelming and we need to return to the starting point from where we took our first step.
The law speaks; those who want situations resolved that cannot be handled by citizens who “want no trouble”. You or I, who are mentally ill, are seeking peace and someone to understand with. The psychiatrist will listen and diagnose the situations that twist reality, and during this process they are hopeful that you or I will begin to recover from our lack of understanding through our emotional needs and through education. Wanting us to grow is a step beyond sitting in jail.
There are a great number of facilities which deal / help people who are suffering from mental illness. The far reaching hand of Mental Health ranges from Public Schools, universities to solicitation on the streets. There are people who want to help the down trodden; there are people who reach out and take their hand who want to believe they can be helped.
I once believed I was not mentally ill. Drugs, alcohol and endless days and nights rushing to keep a peace of mind were my only reality. That began when I was very young. It took me over 28 years to realize my mirror was clouded as I began to see that I carried a weight that would not let me exist.
I am a statistic of hope to those who want to see someone rest from their distressful life, and I am grateful for this hope in my recovery. With the guidance of others, who did not believe in incarceration, I survived with their guidance, I have not only new found friends, not only people I can trust, yet case managers and clinicians, who can help someone as myself look up to themselves and trust.
By Donald Sammons

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