Monday, October 12, 2009

UK Visit

This is from my coworker at Evaluation and Research, we are expecting a visit from the UK and a few from Elemental which I have wrote about before.
My name is Donald Sammons; I live in Denver, Colorado and have been living here amongst friends for 45 years. I am currently employed at the Mental Health Center of Denver and have been working as an Evaluation and Research for 2 years. In much the same way as our associates from the UK I too am working for the better part of growing mentally and becoming a stronger person, free from drugs and the ignorance of my own acceptances.
The people of the UK are now becoming our guest in Denver, exploring MHCD, and its process' and the consumers as well as the staff here. We have much to talk abut and share as consumers, establishing what works for sobriety and what works for stabilization for individuals with mental disabilities. As a client (consumer) and employee of MHCD, I have many questions to ask our friends for the UK.
I especially want to know about their trip to Denver, and I would want them to know that we are not so lacking in our growth, our spontaneity in helping those who are downtrodden and most of all our sincerity.
The mental health system has come a long way as being a componet of health and growth. Though we use medicines, to curb the attitudes of those who may seem uncontrollable, I personally would like to know if this is the same with the European Mental Health system? How do the clients make a change from the system, to becoming self sufficient, how do they become re-educated and do they keep open channels with the people whom have helped them to overcome their illness'?

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