Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elemental Visit

We at MHCD had visitors from Elemental group located in the United Kingdom. We showed them what we do here in Research Department. Although mostly they talked to us about their training in Crazy Diamond, in which they believe people are mentally distressed, not mentally ill. Also which is on their Elemental website and also they talked about THRIVE which stand for Time-Healing-Resilience-Interdependence-Vivacity-Emancipation. We also took them to one of our clinical sites which was Clermont and let them meet and talk to clinicians and psychiatrist. It went great every loved the humor and what the Elemental group does. We can all use humor to make the day feel better, especially if you are a consumer. I would also like to point out that what Thrive and MHCD’s idea of recovery are basically the same principle. I would also like to mention from hearing them talk is that they do not follow the typical “medical model” but believe in it is your choice if you want to take medication to recover or thrive. I feel great that they feel that way. After Clermont we went to 2Succceed, where we had lunch and met with the survey team and the consumer partnership council. We also learned about 2Succeeds education and employment model. It was a great visit and very good learning day. I was glad to finally meet Marion Aslan from Elemental and Crazy Diamond trainer, Rowland Urey, who was here two years ago. Mike Smith who also is a trainer for Crazy Diamond.

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