Monday, October 19, 2009

Happiness and Recovery

Are happiness and recovery connected? I believe they are, to be recovered you cannot be sad. In that respect you would want to be happy. I read a story where a man was diagnosed with Cancer, and did not have long to live. Well he went home and put on old movies and laughed and laughed. He then went back to the Doctor and was told he was cured of Cancer. I thought about this and then I started recording 70s shows, that I thought were funny. Two of which are Good Times and All in the Family. On weekends when I'm home, I watch them and do laugh and know it is good for my health and recovery. I also learn something else by watching them, that is times really have not changed that much. There was a recession not a depression. Unemployment was high and Retirees on Social Security, if they made $25 dollars for sewing or something, for every $2 dollars they made they had to pay social security back a dollar. Does all that sound familar? How did they deal with it back then. By laughter and sayings like you'll "bounce back" or "life will get better you just have to keep on keeping on" that is like recovery you're down for a second then you bounce back. It's not forever life does get better. That is what makes me happy, to start a new week. What do you do for happiness and are recovery and happiness connected?

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