Monday, October 5, 2009

Mental Health Recovery

I last wrote about these books, I have been reading and listening to on audio book. Today, I am going to write about the Mastery of Love, which I listened to on the way to work. I am also going to write about recovery and world mental health day. First an excerpt from the audio book. When you see somone down, you do not feel sorry for them, because if you feel they cannot get back up. You would not be respecting them, because you would feel they are not strong enough to pull themselves up and you may offer a hand. That would be giving them respect and love. To also know that fear in action can only bring suffering. Love in action can bring happiness. Also something you probably already know is that all actions bring about consequences. The audio book made me think about that and did you know that even if you had sixty percent fear in you and forty percent love, fear would still thrive. What most of the book is trying to say is switch from fear to love and the world will change one person at a time, and your life would get better. It is funny how each time you read or listen to a book, you read or hear something you did not before? Listening and reading my books make me feel good everyday. I want to learn and do better all the time. How are you doing let me know. Now I am going to switch gears and talk about world mental health day which is a video on YouTube I received from Elemental. The video said that world mental health day is on October 10th. Elemental is going to celebrate it for their clients on October 10th. I guess others celebrate it on October 20th. In the UK they do not mention illness. Also I misunderstood, when I read about thriving, which I wrote about in an earlier post. I thought a person had to be off their medication to be a thriver. In today's video they said you had to reduce or be off your medication. That makes me feel good, because I am at the lowest dose of Geodon. It works well for me. How does your medication work for you?

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