Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recovery through spirituality

Here is another blog by a coworker at Evaluation and Research
Many people who have become diagnosed with a mental illness feel at one time or another that in their suffering they will become cured due to some greater power, neglecting the help they are receiving from their clinician or doctor, hoping they will overcome their state of illness.
I am dual diagnosed taking multiple medications and have often in the past beforehand felt and finally overcame the illusions of reaching this spiritual avenue, that would help me to overcome my illness. Being dual-diagnosed, the medications calmed the "demons", yet I heard that one statement which many have tried to follow from a clinician, as advice, "Your spiritual higher power will give you strength." Climbing out of the corner, a person whom is mentally ill must learn that the obliterated self, is strong enough to seek answers with professional help and can begin to realize they can not be forever suppressed by their fears all of this takes thought, this in turn can be seen as spiritual.
Recovery I learned is not all medicine, with diagnosis, its sharing, and facing the light within you that you want to touch of the self to conceive a declaration you are free.


  1. Oh yeah, I've had LSWs who talked about recovery and higher powers also. They're trying to apply AA/NA methods to mental illness, as if we are "addicted" to our symptoms. The majority of mentally ill people do not have substance issues.

  2. Carney,

    In regards to the comment you posted September 30, 2009, I would like to say that in the last 10 years or so, there has been a slow change in the mental health system in respect to what (clients, consumers) as mental health patients are being informed about. The issues of spirituality has been on going in the last 10 years, something which can be further explored in its practice with Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous techniques in strength building.
    Consumers (clients) as I see myself as a consumer having a need to recognize my own weaknesses and strengths through a medium of which can be understood, of which I can use to help rebuild myself. There is the spirit of nature, having lived in the city of Denver most of my life; this spirit is sublime. There is the spirit of friendship; people can become a spiritual influence of growth, if they smile with one another. We are just not addicted to our symptoms as some Licensed Social Worker’s or other clinicians might have us believe, yet we need to become adjusted to the true spirit of reason and the life we were born with, of nature.