Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More on Exercise and Recovery

I started exercising last December. When they put a exercise room in the building in which I live. They put it in after they remodeled the building. At the time I started exercising, I was taking a medicine called Lopid. It was a medicine to raise my good cholesterol. I did not like the side effects the medicine had. I asked my doctor if she would take me off the medicine since I was exercising now. She had my blood tested again and my good cholesterol was high enough for her to have me stop taking the medicine. I ride the exercise bike they have in the exercise room. It tells me how many calories I burned and how much of a distance I have exercised. Exercise not only makes me feel good, but I believe it helps my recovery. Along with work I believe it makes be think clearer and I get new ideas to help myself in life as well as work. What do you think about exercise and recovery?


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