Monday, September 21, 2009

Fear and Thriving

I don't adhere to the typical Mental Health Model. I am a paranoid shizophrenic, so this story has a lot of meaning to me. I first heard about the Four Agreements through the 2 succeed newsletter and they also have a blog which is the link. I went and bought it and the other two by Miguel Ruiz. One of the others is called Voice of Knowledge. I also bought the Mastery of Love which I own in hard copy and on audio book. The four agreements are do your best, be impeccable with your word, especially to yourself. The third and fourth agreement is don't make assumptions and don't take it personal. When you follow these it makes life easier. I am going to write about the mastery of love, even though I like them all. I think the mastery of love book really hits home and puts it straight. It tells how a person is shy because of fear. The same way when we try to have a relationship, jealousy is fear based also. It is that most of life is rules by fear. It has helped me make it through this life a little easier. I'm learning and not as a person with a mental illness, but as a regular person. I usually forget I have a mental illness. Even when I take my medicine, I do it by routine and do not even realize why I take it. These books are a form of meditation for me. I read one in the morning, before I leave for work and listen to the other on the way to work with my mp3 player. I do also listen to music, but take turns with the books and music. I just bought a new one from anazon called Beyond Fear by Miguel Ruiz. I will let you know how that one is. What do you think.

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