Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Exercise and Meditation

For exercise, I ride a stationary bike that has the distance I go and how many calories I burn. I am also lucky in the fact this bike is in my building which I live. It also will check your heart rate as you are exercising. The reason I am writing about this is that I finally reached a goal in my exercising. That is to burn 100 Calories in a half hour, which is how long the bike is timed for. Also in the timing is how much distance a person goes, my distance always says 5.3. Before I would get about 5 minutes away from it being over and say I will not make it and I would not. This time I said I’m going to keep going at this speed and I made it. Now I have to set a new goal of at least 105 calories burned. I like to work out best in the mornings, after breakfast. If you do not eat before you work out, then you will be hungry after and eat more than you want. I do exercise in the evening though sometimes. Now I will switch to meditation. I recently after reading a paragraph in the book I am reading called Beyond Fear by Miguel Ruiz. I mentioned it in an earlier posting. It talked about meditation by saying it does not matter if you’re a meat eater of a vegetarian you can still meditate. I use to mediate years ago for hours till I read in another book which I forgot the name. You do not have to meditate for hours to get the same benefit in less time. It is not the quantity but the quality. I am meditating again and hopefully get the quality of it to better myself. I will let you know how it goes.

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  1. Meditation and exercise are cornerstones of my mental health. The first is harder for me than the second. I exercise, usually, four or five times a week (not counting walking the dogs, which I do every day.) But for some reason I find it hard to consistently meditate. I'll go through periods when I'm good about it, and then just quit. I'm not sure why. Thank you for reminding me that even short meditations can be valuable, if one settles into them. And congratulations on achieving your goal. Believing in oneself is so often the key to success. Maybe I need to set a meditating goal, and convince myself I can reach it. Best wishes.