Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This is a very good subject whether or not you are mentally ill. I received this article on How memory works. They say in the article that: “There are three stages to making and recalling a memory: Encoding, Storage and Retrieval of information.” It also says: “Memory only works if you are paying attention.” That is so true. When you are not paying attention or just a little attention you cannot recall everything that was said. My memory of numbers works the best for me.
All I have to do is repeat a number once and I will remember it. That has been all my life. Before cell phones and contact list on a cell phone. I did not have a phone book. All the number s of people and there were a lot. I could recall your number by just being told your phone number. I still do work on my memory though. The reason is I am very scared of getting Alzheimer’s. The reason is I want to always be independent and remember to take my medication. As I said in previous blogs, I do not like being sick from my mental illness.
My previous boss had me put a memory program on my computer to test if it worked. I work with it twenty minutes a day. It does help and my favorite part of the program is jewels hidden by fish and you have to track them. I have been able to track up to six jewels at a time. My memory is nothing compared to my grandsons though. He can remember six months back when we went to a restaurant. He can remember where everyone was sitting the last time we came to that restaurant.
The article also says: “The more you practice or remember something the stronger the connection gets, and the easier it is to remember.” That must be the reason I only have to repeat numbers once. I am going to close with a link to “10 Famous people who Battled Alzheimer’s.

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