Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Barriers in Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health Treatment is available for anyone, children and adults men and women of all ages; yet many people do not solicit treatment for various reasons. This may be a denial of treatment which can lead individuals into a worsened condition, causing a breakdown in not only the physical health, yet also mental health, legal, marriage, employment and escalated drug use. There are certain barriers which cause people not to seek mental health treatment, believing that the illness will pass and also believing that psychiatric care is not beneficial to their needs. There are financial concerns and for this reason many people do not seek the help they need and this leads us into racial groups, age, culture and gender groups who may be seeking help yet cannot because of their financial means.

The reality of those suffering from mental illness is that these people do not realize they are suffering or are ill, unlike having a physical illness. Any one person can believe that their behavior and mentality is normal yet may be experiencing disordered thinking and this is where the family can intervene and help in stabilizing the individual.

The ability to reach Mental Healthcare services is another barrier to treatment. Transportation and responsibilities are reasons why an individual may not be able to connect to mental health services, not to mention hospitalization in the city and the waiting list the mentally ill are waiting on slow treatments and these people often give up on waiting for these services.

Self stigma is another reason barriers exist in people seeking mental health care realizing stereotypes could damage their lives and relationships as well as embarrass and cause fear of what their peers may think of them as they may need services from mental health. As I had first sought treatment out of the concerns of my family, I experienced embarrassment and began to fear those I had associated with as friends due to my connection with mental health and the taking of medications to curb my drug use and the illness which beset me. I couldn’t pay for the services as I was in between jobs; I eventually stop seeing the therapist. Yet time passed and I was helped onward with state funding and was able to continue treatment. This is only a brief episode of the barriers I had to eventually overcome, as will the many who seek a better life free from their mental barriers.


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