Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Success: an effect of Recovery in Mental Health

Twenty-six years ago I was sitting in a halfway house, street drugs in my system, listening to doctors and case managers about my mental and physical health. I didn’t really care. In my mind I was already a failure, success was far beyond my reach and I had no aspirations to attain any greater achievements. To achieve a goal is to do something outstanding or worthy of others desire, this is an accomplishment, this is success. I had not given thought of this attitude; all I sought at that time was respect on the streets and that was not with dignity or self esteem. My recovery was a slow process and at every turn my own ego took a blow; my heart was beginning to understand failure and my mind was opening to what success truly is.

In Recovery at MHCD (Mental Health Center of Denver), we learn to understand what determination means, being serious and with purpose in arriving at a decision. Having strength, faith and hope in overcoming any barriers. Mental Illness is a barrier to self esteem, dignity and hope, and to succeed you must want to overcome the internal battles; looking forward to success is the resolution to end the fears of your life and the weakness of your own self esteem. We must be assured of our direction and in what we believe not doubting because of what we fear or what others may cause us to perceive.

Our hope must rest in what our purpose maybe and through the critiques of our advocates, whether they are case managers, clinicians, therapist, family or friends we persevere over our illness and have begun to reach a successful stage in Recovery by making the right decision.

“We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears”
La Rochefoucauld---Maxims, 38

Written by Donald Sammons

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