Monday, January 30, 2012

Understanding Miserable Feelings

Negative emotions are feelings which cause you to be miserable, sad, angry, hateful or even jealous; yet you may want to know that these feelings and emotions are natural. Though they can downgrade our attitude in life, we are the ones who choose to let these negative emotions affect us.
When we have negative emotions we stop thinking and relating to situations and reality. We only care for what we want and the negative feelings continue, becoming even more negative, even harmful to the self or others. When we are delving into emotions, we are thinking, this is psychological and when we feel, we are in the realm of the physical. Emotions and feelings are complex yet there are a number of ways to deal with the negative emotions we have.
1. Don’t keep rehearsing the same problem over and over
2. Relax and find that realm which pleasures you
3. Learn what makes you angry and what causes such
4. Change you direction, don’t be afraid to turn away from the negative
I found this short editorial on negative4 emotions after I realized I felt tired and miserable at having to work the weekend preparing my apartment for pesticides, due to be done on a work day of which I couldn’t afford to be excused from, which was a problem, yet I have a project at work which had to be completed and done perfectly. Such the case I was alone, moving and thinking many things without any help. I felt plain miserable because I had no help with the one scenario at home, nor with the other, soon to be completed at work. This is a lot when you are diagnosed with a dual diagnosis, and with reason to seek escape; it’s hard to grasp the real sense of success when you face the battle alone. I read the information and began to understand I was afraid I would fail and that acceptance was making things work, not sulking and feeling negative. I finally patted myself on the back and understood how to cope with these problems, by letting go and knowing that this past week and weekend were an exercise that I have accomplished in finally feeling good about.
Written by Donald Sammons

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