Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More on Memory

A week ago I wrote a blog on memory. One of the links on that blog told how memory works. One of the ways is with exercise. I did not know how important that part was until I read an article yesterday. It is just as important if not more important because it will give you new brain cells. In the article they give a twenty minute solution to memory with exercise. “The true secret to improving your memory, for many people, is actually physical exercise.” You have to move to get a benefit.
If you have poor memory this is what you need to improve your memory. It is not just the regular way in which you exercise of just three times a week. It is “Intense” exercise that works. How does it work? “There is one more amazing thing about memory improvement and cardio exercise that has just come to light through recent research. In addition to increasing cerebral blood flow, regular cardio exercise stimulates the growth of new neurons in the memory areas of your brain.” What kind of workout would this entail?
The article says it does not matter what type of exercise you do like the treadmill or jumping rope to name a few. The answer lies in the way you work out. “The way it works it that you start out slow to get warmed up. Then you speed up for one minute to push yourself, then slow down again. You repeat that four times, each time trying to hit a “high point” where you are really pushing yourself.” It does not seem that hard as I use the treadmill. I would just move the speed up for a minute four times in my work out. I tried it and it was a very good workout. I felt better after last night workout than any other.

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