Wednesday, February 15, 2012


There was not a whole lot of mental health news this week. It seems to be the way this week is going for me. I did walk last weekend even though it was cold. That is the way recovery is also if something goes wrong you just have to hang in there because it will get better. In a lot of ways I am waiting for this week to end. It is not because I want to hurry and rest this weekend. I am just hoping things will work out my Friday.
The things I am waiting to happen are one I am getting a new fridge as soon as it comes in. My apartment ordered me a new one when the one I have freezes everything at the moment. I am hoping by Friday. Next my DVR is on the blink. My TV comes on for ten minutes than shuts off. It looks like I will be watching old DVDs this week. They are sending me a new DVR, and I am hoping it gets here by Friday or else I will be watching DVDs this weekend.
It looks and sounds bad. Although just like recovery it is a slow process. Patience is not always the best for me. I like to get everything right away. It was that way with my recovery. I wanted out of the State Hospital right away. I could not understand why it could not happen. Just speed up the groups and release people right away. Now I come to understand why it takes time to let the concepts and changes take effect slowly. It takes more than just will power to make changes.
It is a lot like medicine every person it affects different. So also with recovery it affects us all different we have to learn what works for us and what does not. That is one reason groups are effective. Everybody gets a chance to share and you learn different ways on how to recover. I just wish everyone could recover as well as I did. I think they would be happier.

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