Monday, February 20, 2012

Sincerity of Your Recovery

Have you even thought you were being sincere about your Recovery? Sincerity means simply being genuine or without deceit. When people are genuine they are true or real about themselves and of others, they are honest in a sense without being under handed or deceitful. This positivity is respected and keeps people together as friends and neighbors as well as family; being sincere lets others know you can be respected in many ways.

I began my Recovery program with a negative attitude. I couldn’t see the reason for sitting and talking and filling out papers in regards to my mental stability. I made promises to attend groups; I slouched in meetings, spoke negatively about other people, and denied the real truth about myself. I didn’t have respect for clinicians and my thinking that they “thought they knew it all and knew nothing” and I was not being positive about others helping me nor was I positive about my will being nor honest about my real feelings.

When you are sincere about your Recovery you want to recover from the woes you have been suffering from. You need and want to understand how to change from a negative beat to the more positive and stay on track with the respect you want to achieve; not only respect for yourself, yet to gain respect and give such to others. We don’t go around corners seeking sincerity, we live it, being real to be true to ourselves and others, without be deceitful, or procrastinating our lives.

When we take our first step to Recovery we are already at the lowest point of our lives, we feel we have become abandoned and are without trust of others. A part of us are seeking belief in another to help us overcome our predicament, and we want someone to believe in us. With sincere belief, without jeopardizing ourselves any further, our way to Recovery becomes our life and we begin to relish the hope we gain in our improving through our treatment. If you are sincere you will believe there are no boundaries to overcoming mental illness.

Written by Donald Sammons

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