Monday, February 13, 2012

Praying for a Cure

There are many people today, whether they are rich or poor, of one race or another, of family or orphaned who are in the throes of Mental illness of one sort or another. Seeing a clinician of mental health causes construed thoughts itself, the client or consumer questioning the reason for their illness, family members beset on what should be done to help their loved ones, the attitude of medications arise and the many visits to the therapist are also a question to the client, consumer.
What is the thought that exist in the background of all of this, the consternation of illness, how to overcome what causes the dread and fear of any such client or consumer. One question exists, HOW? Many clients begin to seek spiritually, seeking forgiveness for some reason that they have become ill, partially realizing that there is a physical reason for which they are not understanding, others seek through prayer to overcome their illness, hoping for a cure, without the help of a psychiatrist or even a priest.
I think it takes not only prayer, meditation, or education; yet also a spiritual teaching and the physical essence of prescribed medication to offset the illness and build strength within those who are suffering from a mental illness. We were not all taught to think and live spiritually, having to learn to reach within ourselves spiritually, yet we must learn to think and overcome our woes in life through such means so that we are able to have an acceptance with others and peace within ourselves. The medication is a help-meet, to help us gain control over our symptoms, whether they are of anger or fear, just as we use other supplements to gain strength and health; yet it still takes self motivation, self esteem and idea, (inspiration), to overcome the malady’s which beset us.
Faith Can’t Cure Mental Illness: Believers Struggling with Depression and Mood Disorders - Beyond Blue
The church as the same platform as or mental health clinics, which is a relationship between religion and psychology, in that an awareness is made of the biological, social, psychological and spiritual realms of a person or individuals suffering from mental illness. What stands amongst it all—Support and the idea that we want to overcome what besets us while struggling with a Mental Illness.

Written by Donald Sammons

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