Monday, July 20, 2009

Some Great Recovery-Based Articles

Hey all:

I've been doing some research and some writing of my own, and thought I might direct you to some great general articles for Mental Health Recovery. If you have time to read through them I'd love to hear what you think here on the blog!

They reference MHCD a decent amount but that is simply because that is where my knowledge-base is coming from. They are not intended to be salesy at all, so I welcome discourse from all aspects of the mental healthcare field! The links are below:

1) 10 Tips to Staying Mentally Healthy
2) MHCD and Mental Health Recovery
3) Measuring Recovery in Mental Health
4) The Mental Health Recovery Movement

I have also written about eight much more informative academically based articles that I have submitted to and am awaiting clearance for publication, so I will keep you posted on those but if they get cleared I'd love for you to check those out and give me your opinion as well!

Until next time!

Warm Regards,
Lex Douvasa
MHCD Research and Evaluations

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  1. Hi Lex,
    I just wanted to say hello here.I will post my comments once i read your articles.
    In your bio you spell "amateur" as "amature". kind regards