Monday, August 1, 2011

Thinking the Nature of Recovery

A Tributary is a stream or river that flows into another river or lake, yet does not flow into a sea or ocean. What has this to do with Recovery and Mental Health? Tributaries as they represent the flowing of bodies of water such as streams or rivers, can also represent Principles which lead consumers to different services that help them in becoming healed or find way to better health. These streams or rivers may be counseling or education and of these streams there are the attitudes of self, self-esteem, and self sufficiency of which strengthens us.

Through the tributary of education which is learning how to achieve recovery by facing our addictions and mental illness. There are still deeper rivers having concepts of ideas or beliefs as a part of the self seeking recovery through mental health. We must travel these tributaries to understand ourselves, our emotions to overcome the pain we suffer from the lack of understanding we have of the world and the concepts society has of the mentally ill. The greater body of which we come unto is our self assurance and peace, our acceptance that we become better persons with Respect.

What is the meaning of Recovery? Recovery in Mental Health is the process of changing your attitude, your feelings, goals and living with a new found hope. This body of water of which the tributary flows into is called Recovery of which means a developing of new life and moving beyond the pitfalls of having a mental illness. We have taken on a new ideology and challenged our illness and moved beyond the stagnant pool we waded in. We all have our own definition of Recovery, yet we must also realize there are many rivers and streams we channel through before we reach the clean and ever being body of faith which keeps us going into the most positive direction; that is empowerment, taking control of our lives through hope.

Written by Donald Sammons

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