Monday, March 19, 2012

A Brief Scenario of Homelessness

In Newark, New Jersey, a senator changed his appearance before his peers; he became a homeless man in disguise a man of years his present age. Why did he do this? to understand the conditions of shelters and boarding homes in the state of New Jersey when other reports stated otherwise and to continue to champion the otherwise homeless and mentally ill. This was his way of getting a firsthand look at the way the system works for the homeless, though I might say the system in New Jersey is not to be compared to the conditions of shelters and missions for the homeless in Colorado. I have been homeless in my life for several ongoing years before I was taken into the mental health system for a second time during these years, and I never once met with any of the absurdities as this senator had come to meet. Being homeless, I fared somewhat, sleeping in Missions and shelters, yet before I was made to realize there were such places for boarding and overnight and extended time staying periods, I slept literally in the streets, in vacant garages, homes which had been abandoned and parking lots. As I learned that there were such places as boarding homes, Missions, and shelters, I never once gave more than I had to in order to have a place to rest and bed myself, so as I looked at the situation in New Jersey, I began to wonder how heartless and disconcerting were the proprietors of these shelters and Missions in the Eastern Coast State of New Jersey. I might say that as there is homelessness, there is also drug addiction and alcoholism; there is also the mentally ill, the physically disabled, those who were released from jail, and there are families with children and migrant workers, searching for a place to rest and gather their wits about themselves when they can find rest and solace in any shelter or boarding home. The drug addicted, or the alcoholics often time find themselves waiting for shelter or not staying for very long in one because they carry their attitude of drugs and alcohol with them and this is understandable that they are not allowed to stay if they are belligerent or are using drugs on the premises. Families have first consideration because of children and this is understandable as well. Workers travelling from city to city, state to state usually stay in a shelter or boarding home long enough for the weather to clear, or they move on hearing of work further on down the road. The mentally ill and physically disabled are often hard to tend to if they have no outpatient clinic, because of their condition they are seeming the last ones in the book to be seen as having a place if they are displaying symptoms which cannot be understood or they are physically a burden to care for. God knows the prayers are there, and these people, the homeless are never waiting in anything but anguish, to feel the warmth, the shade, to know the taste of decent food, and to make sure their children as well as themselves are safe, till fortune smiles down on them and their life becomes changed again or until they find enough to travel further on into the world finding peace.
Written by Donald Sammons

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