Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I was reading a paragraph   that said people with mental illness die at least 15 to 20 years younger than the rest of the population.  That is down from the last time I wrote on this subject, then it was twenty five years younger than the rest of the population.  The main culprit is the weight gain associated with the side effects from the antipsychotics.  What it leads to is “… higher incidence of illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.”  I know when I took moban I gained at least sixty four pounds.  Lately I lost twenty pounds easy.  Then I have gained seven pounds back.  I have been walking although that does not seem to help like it did before.
I had to get back on the treadmill in my building.  I am lucky I have a fitness center where I live and it is open twenty four hours a day. Besides the treadmill I do some weight lifting.  Although these seven are hard to get rid of and stay off so I can lose more.  I want to get to one fifty.  Until I started gaining weight the highest I had been was one forty.  I do not want to go all the way to that weight though.  I am still walking Tuesday through Sunday.  I go on the pretense that I am getting a movie or going grocery shopping.
I can get my daughter to take me grocery shopping although I do not unless I am carrying heavy stuff so I can get some exercise in.  Even if I do the treadmill in the morning, I know how hard it is getting the weight off.  I remember when I could eat anything and not have to worry about gaining weight.   You just have to keep trying after spending time with my grandsons yesterday I want to lose it even more.  Do they have the energy to run and play?  I am also more physically active when they are around.  I know it will take time for me to get where I want.  I will do it that is a goal I will try to keep and not forget about it.
The guy in the paragraph lost weight and is now back surfing.  I have labs done at least every three months to check that I do not have diabetes.  That is another reason I keep walking and exercising I do not want to get it.  I want to continue walking as long as I can in this life.  I need to continue to lead an active life that is the only way I will lose this weight.  You have to keep positive and just know that you can do this obstacle.

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