Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting better Emotionally

Emotionally healthy people are generally in control of their physical and mental health as well as their behavior.  They can take on challenges and build strong relationships and recover from let downs easily.  But all this takes an effort to bolster ones physical health, and with this comes mental and emotional health of which you can benefit from many aspects of your life by improving your emotional stability, and by also improving your resilience.
Mental and emotional health can be defined as your psychological wellbeing.  This means how you feel about yourself, your relationships and how you manage your feelings and how you handle difficulties.  Having good mental health isn’t just about the absence of mental health issues, its more than being free of a mental illness, it means you have positive thoughts or a positive character and that you display those characteristics.
When you are mentally and emotionally healthy, you feel good, you deal with stress, you have a purpose in life and your life has meaning, you take on challenges to learn new things and you adopt to change, you build relationships that are healthy and you maintain confidence, self-esteem and maintain self discipline.  I have learned this the hard way and in growing with age, I find that mentally, I still feel challenged and every day is not as successful as I would like it to be yet it takes time to rebuild oneself both physically and mentally if you have gone down the rough roads of life and are beginning to realize that strength of mind is strength of body and with such the emotions are generally complacent in a person’s life.  This is demonstrating resilience which is being able to overcome stress and being focused as well as creative in rough times.  This takes balance and being in tune with your emotions, recognizing your emotions so that you can express them.
Taking care of your body is the key to mental and emotional health.  When you improve your physical health, you enhance your mental and emotional health as well.  Some activities you can get involved in are, getting good rest, learning about and practicing nutrition, exercising so that you can relieve stress and refrain from alcohol, cigarettes and illicit drug use which may make you feel good for a short time, yet remember you want to build your mental and emotional health and improve your health which is what we are wanting to gain.

Written by  Donald S.

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