Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sun Sensitivity

That is the title of this article after I wrote last week’s article about vitamin deficiency.  I read a lot of other schizophrenics, and I know about myself.  I touched a little on this last week one thing they did not mention is that people with schizophrenia cannot be out in the sun.  Why because they have sun sensitivity.  I have it even though I am on Geodon.  When I get out in the sun I burn and sweat just going a couple of blocks out in the sun.  That is one reason this last Sunday I took the bus I did not want to go to the store and be all burned up.
I think researchers have to ask people about these things before they just put in they do not get enough sun there is a reason behind it.  Another being talked about is that a person has to learn to love their selves. You always have to be with yourself and I learned that when I was in prison where I was locked up.  A person that is locked up can have hard time not liking themselves.  You are locked in a cell and if you do not get to know yourself and love yourself who else is.  Your family is not going to always be with you.  Sometimes you are the only person around.  We all make mistakes and we all learn sometimes not to make the same mistake twice.
To me I think no matter what I have not matter whom I have in my life I think life is always going to be hard. I do get down once in a while and wonder what I am doing how I lived so long when a lot of my friends have died young. I pushed the envelope a lot and do not understand how mostly besides doing time I came out ok.  I have schizophrenia although I do not have negative symptoms.  You would not know unless I told you. I went to college late in life. I think that was the hardest thing I ever did in life because I could not learn as everyone else I had to have a tutor. I had to say I had a disability because that was the most important thing at the time to finish college no matter what.
I did it took eight years to get a masters.  I would do my best and still it wasn’t until my masters that I learned how to get great grades my declaring that I had a disability and getting help.  No matter how hard life is you can get through it.  I believe it is harder for this generation because everything cost so much.  We did not have cell phones when I was growing up or computers and they all cost without a good job you cannot always have everything a person would want.  Work is the only way to succeed.  Hope that things always turn out for the best.

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