Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rate of Nicotine Metabolism May Predict Best Way to Quit Smoking

That is the title of this article I am writing about. "How quickly a smoker metabolizes nicotine could determine which type of cessation strategy has the best chance of success, according to a new study that represents one of the largest pharmacogentic analyses of tobacco dependence to date. The study found that smokers with normal metabolism levels had better quit rates with varenicline therapy, which does not involve nicotine replacement, compared to a nicotine patch. For people with slow metabolism, the patch may be the better option." I quit seventeen years ago.  I used wellbutrin and did it have the side effects.  It had so many side effects that I did not even notice or crave cigarettes. My mouth was something awful tasting.  The was one of the only medicines that I had so many side effects.  My friend gave me a list of the side effects because he had taken a class on stopping smoking. I had every one on that list.
The article goes on to say: "It has been known that smokers clear nicotine from their bodies at different rates, but until now it wasn't known if this measurable trait -- the nicotine metabolite ratio (NMR) -- could be used to optimize treatment and improve outcomes.  The study researchers randomly assigned 1,246 smokers (662 slow metabolizers and 584 normal metabolizers) to 11 weeks of the nicotine patch and placebo pill, varenicline and placebo patch, or double placebo; all participants also received behavioral counseling." I know I had never tried to quit before that one I did.  I know when I used to go to jail I could not be without my cigarettes.  I would buy two for one or if no one had any smokes but roll your owns that is what I would smoke .  The idea that I would quit never came to mind. I finally quit because I wanted to seem my granddaughter at my house and daughter did not want her around smoke.  It was time anyway because I had a bad cough and this guy in the elevator told me I would not live that long if I kept smoking so it seemed like the right time.      
The article ends witth: "After 11 weeks of treatment, normal metabolizers taking varencline were about twice likely not to smoke as those using the nicotine patch.  And while slow metabolizers displayed similar effectiveness rates on varencline or the patch, they reported far fewer side effects for patch therapy." Those side effects can be rough.  That is why people with mental illness do not always take their medication because of all the side effects especially weight gain.                                                                                                                     

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