Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Diet and Exercise

That is the title of this article I am writing about. "Everybody is always talking about losing weight. It is harder then a person thinks. I was able to lose about a little over twenty pounds when I took a vacation and in Boston was doing a lot of walking. I liked how much I was losing and started cutting down on the amount I ate. I also used to drink about six soda's a day.  I cut down to two a day and they are Coke zero or Pepsi max.  I started making my own trail mix for when I did get hungry.  Although that was the last amount of weight that I lost.  I sill try and eat half of every meal unless I go out to eat which is not that often. Losing more has been a struggle. I do not walk half as much as I did in Boston there we walked at least an hour a day.  Here it has been about a half hour a day. All that does is keep me at the same weight I have been at.  If I do not walk I start gaining right away.
I like walking the best.  We do have treadmills where I work although it seems once I start then when I want to use it somebody beats me to it then I just take a walk around the building which is not enough exercise. Although it is best for when it is cold outside. I do not know if the trail mix makes me gain weight or not. I know it did not in the past. I like everybody am always searching for a way to make weight go away. I do know it has something to do with the medication I take that makes it hard to lose the weight.  I used to smoke and eat all I wanted which was not very much when I was younger. I would walk from one side of town to the other.  Although that was not everyday.
I do know one thing though I cannot give up trying.  I just have to find away to lose at least twenty more pounds.  One thing I can do is double my walking.  Keep eating just half a meal. Sooner or later I will lose the weight I want to. I believe quitting alcohol and smoking was easier.  Although if I did not quit smoking I would still be skinny.  Although the smoking was already taking a toll on my health even at thirty five years old.  I would have had to quit sooner or later.  It was easier when did because I had a reason to quit at that time. I would not change that. I hardly ate at that time because of smoking and did I smoke I would have four cigarettes first thing every morning.  I will keep trying to lose weight and if it gets any better I will be sure to let all of you know.

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