Wednesday, January 13, 2016

There is always room for Hope

That is the title of this blog I am writing about sometimes life can throw you a curve and bring you to your knees. I am going through something myself right now with my left lung.  It can make me have lung infections and walking pneumonia.  It makes doing things hard that used to me easy to me. I think the hardest thing is not knowing what I have because the doctor's will tell me it is find than there is the but.  It turns out the it goes in the opposite direction than what they said. Like this week on Monday again he gave me it will go well but.  Until we know exactly  have it in our hands we do not know.  This waiting and I still have to wait a month before I really know.  That is the hardest part when do I get to be normal again?  I have hope and am optimistic that it will turn out right and I can go back to normal.
Some people with our disease have it worse when a problem occurs be it a death or something else. I read about a person who a loved one died and they had a job and apartment.  They were doing well for themselves.  Than that loved on died and they relapsed and lost the apartment.  The were lucky to be able to put the job on hold.  They had to start living in a group home again. I have lived in a group home and that would be the worse thing that could ever happen again.  The good news is his AA worked for him and he did not relapse. He had friend that stuck with him and now he is getting back and taking the group home in stride.
He says I do not need to cook anymore so I save money.  He started back to work and is taking things one day at a time. He still thinks about the person who dies but is thinking more positive now.  That is why we always need hope that things will return to normal or things will be better than before. I am sure when I am through with my struggles that I can look back and say life is hard but it gets better.

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