Monday, September 27, 2010


What is an addict? An addict is a person who gives oneself over to a habit; a person who has a consistent use of a drug, alcohol or even an idea or philosophy. As human beings, we are said to be creatures of habit, yet this does not go alone to be said of just humans; animals of other classes in life can also be as addicts, creatures which are of a higher thinking order than others.
We always look to the worldly reason of why people become addicted and we have also sought even spiritually to cure those who have obtained a compulsion to acquire and use any substance which satiates a thirst; generally to either alleviate an emotion or makes oneself comfortable, even to achieve a higher sense of spirituality. But does this work? From the lowliest of humans to the monarchs of kingdoms has addiction taken place and almost always causes them to succumb to the honors of poverty, loneliness and even death.
So what causes human beings to lust for the glories of dreams through the use of substances which cause obscurity, defamation and senselessness? Only one word in my mind comes to being, pain, and only one reason; and that is to know!
Negative thinking becomes an addiction. We as humans have our reasons, from being perfect to being happy, we want to be, we want to become. Our emotions rise to certain levels, whether we are depressed or are in a state of exhilaration, we cheer for the intensity of our feelings, we want to feel good! To have an even level of beingness instead of the compulsion to use something other than our true thoughts to make us “high”; we must have a commitment to life, hope , the will to live without destruction, we must be forgiving and believe that recovery is real.
To become of a habit,
Is sometimes to cease being true!

Written by Donald Sammons

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