Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Almost Taken

I am writing this week about something that happened to me a week ago. The first part of how it happened was a coincidence. I had let my daughter use my credit union debit card to get gas. She of course brought it back. Although that was what I was thinking that something happened when she used it, when I received a call. Whom I thought was the credit union calling and telling me that my debit card had been locked out and I could not use it. Until I gave them my debit card number, this was a recording and not a live person. I gave them the number and they asked for it again. I gave it to them again and they asked for my pin. I gave it to them and they said your card can now be used. I hung up and thought I better call the credit union and see if this was a legitimate call. The credit union asked if I had talked to a live person and said they had not made the call and it was fraud. I had to cancel my debit card. I called the police, because I did not want this to happen to someone else. The officer told me it happens so often that he feels like just packing up and using only cash and moving to Alaska. He said never give your information out to a bank calling unless they have your password. We checked the phone number they called from and it was an unknown number and just had the numbers 201 on it. It was untraceable and the police officer told me I would not have been out money, but the credit union would have. Although it still did not make me feel any better about what had happened. It made me feel like my mental distress happened again. As I have said in earlier blogs, my mental illness was hell because I lost control of my life when it happened. I had again almost lost control of my life that I feel I had just gained recovery from, and would not have to go back there again.
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