Wednesday, October 12, 2011


After reading on a website about a woman who told her doctor about her symptoms that she was having he had her tested for temporal – lobe seizures. Although that was not what was wrong with her she did have schizophrenia after all. It brought up an article that someone sent me about being misdiagnosed.
The article says you have to be careful when diagnosing someone. One case I will mention was: “he examined a patient with daily panic attacks and noticed a swelling of her shins, a classic sign of Grave’s disease, a form of overactive thyroid that can cause severe anxiety.”
The article also says giving a brain scan first would be “prohibitively expensive and yield many confusing results.”
It looks like you have to look at and know about different medical ailments that can be confused with mental illness. It is always wise to know a person’s medical history and have a blood test. The article goes on to say clarifying a diagnosis can be a relief to clinicians and patients. It can be a tremendous relief in finding the right diagnosis. It can help in healing and self-esteem. Something as simple as a vitamin deficiency and drinking can change a diagnosis. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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