Monday, July 23, 2012

Computers and Memory

A couple of weeks ago I had written about Therapy being conducted by computer, resolving problems and charting your emotions. At this time, I have found a new use for computers, one in which may protect us against memory loss in our aging years in tandem with proper exercise; this has been stated in a new study. In this study, which has older adults included, the use of a computer and exercise reduces the risk of memory loss, yet using one aspect of improving the memory by themselves does not improve the memory at all. When the people who participated in some sort of physical activity and used a computer they were found to have less mild cognitive impairment as opposed to those people who did not exercise or use a computer.
Mild cognitive impairment is a condition in which people experience declines in certain functions such as memory and language, yet can still function in everyday activities. Those that have conducted the research think that the people who have partaken in both physical activity and computer use are healthier and have a more disciplined life in short they have a healthy lifestyle.
Exercise increases growth and the survival of nerve cells and the computer besides reading, and other brain and conscious stimulating exercises may enhance the physical connections in the brain. There is an opposite of this and that is using a computer to often may lead to health problems, both physically and mentally. What is being considered is optimizing our memory during our life span. Environment can also nurture our memory function, having an area which is free from distraction and quiet. Maintaining memory as we get older is still a growing field for research and challenging your mind is most helpful and this can be done through socializing, joining a book club, playing group trivia games and physical activity with a healthy diet.
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Written by Donald S.
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