Monday, July 9, 2012

Therapy by Computer

We all suffer through times when we are troubled by our emotions and these may be times when we look towards a mental health clinician, or maybe not. As a mental health consumer, I have often had sessions, where the therapist had written down information and during the course of the session had also relied on the computer to retrieve information and also update his notations during the many times we had met. What I have noticed as many people have noted is that there are many books to help people learn about themselves as well as the emotions they carry, and now there is computer software; software which does the same thing, help us find the grass roots to our problems and to help us understand ourselves.
There is a program which helps you record your emotions, helps you to think about emotions and records the number of times you have had the same emotions. You can resolve, review, graph, analyze and print the results to your emotional search. You label your emotions as you will, so that you may list them, you can describe events or thoughts even describe the positive events in your life. Reducing Misdiagnosis of Psychiatric Disorders It is described as a cognitive thinker, yet this program is constructed to get people to think about their feelings and the events leading and following certain episodes in their life.
Who is to gain from such computerization and psychological software? In order for the software and computer help you to make a conclusion, information must be entered. Who’s going to do this if you’re having a “bad” day, what if you don’t want to; the program is no longer useful. Your therapist may work with you with this software, if the therapist is open to the idea; then you have therapy sessions where you are relying on what the computer comprises and other printouts.
This program is free and can be ordered over the internet, yet I personally find it helpful when the human dimension of interaction can help solve the problems through experience, not just a chart listing possibilities on a computer screen.
Written by Donald S.

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