Monday, September 10, 2012

Wrestling with Your Sleep

BEFORE I GET INTO The BLOG, I WOULD LIKE TO REMIND OUR READERS THAT The RECOVERY BLOG IS MOVING TO A NEW LOCACTION: OUR BLOG WILL CONTINUE FROM OUR NEW HOME: It’s been months since I had seen my therapist. His quizzing me about my physical health, led to some concern about my sleeping patterns. As everyone knows when you get a good night’s rest, your invigoration the morning you wake is wonderful, and your thoughts are clearer as well. My sleeping is terrible. I am told I snore, that I am heard gasping for air and that I even scare myself awake with feelings that I cannot breath. What is this? My clinician suggests I take a sleeping test, whatever for? Already I showed signs that this test would be hopeless, (I’ve always slept that way) and my time would lost taking this test would cause me to lag in my work, (lost time).
I began to notice on the weekends, that I spend about two to three hours during the day sleeping, with low energy and feeling tired and with some depression when waking. I began to believe my clinician and his suspicions were—Sleep Apnea.
Sleep breathing problems linked with depression - Vitals
“Sleep Apnea is a condition is which the breathing becomes shallow as you sleep or your breathing pauses”. This kind of problem may increase the risk depression especially if you have had these symptoms for a very long time. There are other inclusive such as age, weight and gender, which could be factors in wrestling with Sleep Apnea. While the breathing problem may be a link to depression there is the severity of the breathing problem during sleep and a greater risk in depression becoming a symptom. “In mental health, clinicians and therapist are concerned about sleeping patterns in their clients, whether they are refreshed during and after sleep or are they suffering from a lack of sleep, without realizing their breathing or if they have problems in doing so as a part of the clients mental health”.
A lack of oxygen is the blood during sleep may be a great problem, and I know I have awaken many a night, gasping for air and unaware of where I am or why I feel so sluggish during these moments of waking. I have finally understood the possibility of suffering from Sleep Apnea could happen to anyone and the best thing to do to reassure your self is to follow your physicians’ advice and get a check up for your sleeping patterns if you suspect your are experiencing problems while sleeping or experiencing any depression, due to a lack of sleep.
Written By Donald S.

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