Monday, November 19, 2012

Schizophrenia: Walking Onward

Doctors and researchers have often wondered how people with schizophrenia manage their own symptoms to the point that they build their lives over again and many of them successfully.  People with schizophrenia always keep their diagnosis a secret and rarely do they volunteer for any kind of study; this only weighs the problem of having being diagnosed as a schizophrenic.
Some professionals feel this attitude is changing because some sufferers happen to be celebrities in the world of business and the arts.  At some time in their lives these celebrities have their biographies written or memoirs, about their struggles with the illness and they become suddenly, overnight sensations.  In the realm of psychiatric science some of these people go on speaking tours, giving doctors and therapist a firsthand experience of seeing not only themselves, yet the individual who suddenly makes the lime light of their lives glow again.  Some of these doctors and therapist are people with somewhat the same diagnosis, there by building up a fellowship, who begin to volunteer their time by participating as clients in psychiatric studies.  These doctors and therapist have in turn self diagnosed themselves as many common people or consumers have done.
I have for many, many years kept quiet about my drug addiction and mental illness.  Though I am not a celebrity, nor a patron of the arts, I kept myself at a distance from people when I was first diagnosed, constantly dwelling on how to overcome the feelings and emotions as well as the twisted thoughts I was prone to have throughout the years.  There was never a book written by me or about me, though the many I perused, began to shed light on the illness I have and conversations with “normal” peoples edged me on to greater strengths, with many realistic ideas.  You can succeed taking first the small footsteps and weeding out the thoughts that have you seeing and hearing monsters in the dark.  These celebrities have the time to reach in the closet and publish their monsters, yet as you or I who are struggling to manage our mental illness, we know we do not have the courtesy of a myriad of professionals to wind our watches, we must keep climbing to reach our goals of overcoming the illness which besets us. 

 Written by Donald S.

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