Wednesday, May 7, 2014

7 Types Of Experience Your Brain Needs To Function At Its Best

That is the title of this article I am going to let you read as we all need help in making our brain work better.  Why this article?  I know I lost a lot of my brain with this mental illness.  I used to be better at math than I am today.  I am glad that I did not lose my memory of numbers.  As far as English all I remember is the speed reading classes and I thought I was doing well at that subject.  Although when I took English in college the professor said that the only reason I passed was I was always in class and did the work not because I have a grasp on English.
With all that I lost would I return to those days the answer is no.  My life was miserable all I wanted to do was drink.  I could not hold down a job because when payday came around that money was spent drinking in a day.  Then I was borrowing for the lunch and everything for the following week.  I had tried college although when my friend came to pick me up after class I was drinking and forgot about college.  All I ever thought about was why things did not work out and my dreams did not work out.  Do I miss my friends from those days who are still in the same rut?  Hearing about them dying.  The getting high for them has not changed.  I had to and I am glad I have my dreams I have my daughter and grandkids that I hope and pray they do not have to go through what I have been through.
Last week I wrote about aging in blog a did you know that was the way I thought when I was younger it was a song by Blondie live fast die young.  I did a lot of crazy stuff that is lucky that I am still alive. You know that is something I never was able to make my old friends understand is that I had to change for me.  I was the one in trouble I was the one that was going to die young or be in prison for life.  When I was at the state hospital I seen a way to have a better life and I took that road instead of the one I was on.  If I did not change would my friends have accepted me with a mental illness? Yes and I would still be destroying my life that is why I had to change because it was destroying me who I am.
Is life a bed of roses?   No but when I see my grandkids watching their show and on the computer at my house I am glad.  If it was the old me I would not have fifty cents to my name because I would get it and it would go to getting high.  I never thought that I would out live some of my friends that were younger than me. To see the youngest die from a heroin overdose that is bad those powders are the worse drugs ever made.  When you hear about those kinds of deaths it does make you stop and think.  Now I look forward to a good life it only gets better for me. You just have to think positive in a world that can be kind to you.

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