Monday, March 21, 2016

Back from the dead to the living

That is the title of this blog.  Well I know I have been gone since I wrote my last post on January 28th.  Since August I have been battling what is wrong with my lungs. It started with pneumonia then the doctor sent me to a lung doctor when the pneumonia didn't disappear.  After two biopsy's they found out I had lung cancer.  All this period when I was trying to find what was wrong with me there were mistakes made about my case. Then I had to find a cancer doctor which I did and he told my my cancer was slow growing. He was going to make  a referral to  a surgeon to take the cancer out.
One week passed nothing I called and nothing so I was trying to find another doctor.  Finally they called and said they could get me a appointment next week so I took it.  They set up surgery for the 29th of  January. I went in and had the surgery which consisted of the doctor cutting part of the cancer which is in my left lung. He dropped a piece of the cancer in my right lung and had to take it out which consisted of a four hour surgery and nothing was done about my cancer.  So I had to wait in the hospital until the 4th of February until I had my second surgery and instead of just taking out the cancer they removed my left lung which I still am not that happy about.
They said I could return to work on the 14th of March.  Although the Friday before  all the fluid in my left lung made a hole in the incision and started coming out.  I had to go back to the hospital and they found bacteria in my body which has been there since the 29th of January and they went back in to clean the bacteria out and I have been on antibiotics since that time I get of the IV antibiotics this Thursday. I am not happy with done of what happen to me and am having someone look in to my case to see what I can do about it.  That is where I have been and why I have not posted since the 28th of January.  The hospital is not a fun place to be in.  All I wanted was out so I can take care of myself.
All that happened to me I still have hope for a brighter future with my grand kids. They knocked me down but not out. I am sorry that I let the blog go for so long without informing you's of what was going on although I was just interested in trying to recover from all they done to me.  They say in a years time my right lung will be able to do everything two lungs did. As long as there are no other setbacks I will be posting once a week from now on.

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