Monday, December 7, 2009


Reality before Christmas
Reality in Recovery
Reality in Drug Addiction
Reality of Mental Disability
Reality of the New Year

Serendipity: the seeming gift of finding something good, it is luck, or good fortune in finding something of worth.

How do we keep our promises? How do we survive, the torn, worn and weary of mind and the diseased of body, degenerating and wanting to live. We find we have a long way to go, those of us whom have strayed and have literally destroyed our minds, others who have become punished, through war, at home, through dereliction, find seeking solace a mere impossibility.

Take the time to look into the future of those seeking recovery, the storm has begun to quiet the realm of the destitute. Where there was fear, there becomes hope through caring hands and minds. Sometimes there is laughter, sometimes defeat, yet we can rise through learning a new way to react to the outside world and strengthen ourselves by knowing our old behaviors and those of others. We can rid ourselves of our fears, by believing in someone one who believes.

Trusting is the reason we give others a chance, because we care to strip away the barriers which cause our hearts and minds to become clouded over. For with the promises others bequeath we may become failures without understanding, with trust, there is always a tomorrow.
By Donald Sammons
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  1. donald, my brother

    yr r ever the scribe of our youth...the pen always the path to yr most sublime expressions. write, breathe and speak for those who haven't words to tell. sending you a sister's spiritual love - kidada (aka melanie)

  2. Everyone within the universe has an expression.
    Of sunlight, of earth within their soul, such the bird which touches the light within the sky and is nevermore when touching the sun, only becoming the word of the world it becomes borne again. Such is the phoenix, so are we followers of life.

    Donald G Sammons