Monday, June 11, 2012

Mental Illness

Mental illness is a medical condition which changes the way a person thinks and feels. Moods are changed and their ability to relate and communicate with others is disrupted. Mental illness is a condition of a person’s mental facilities which are disrupted in their capacity for coping with everyday life. There are several major mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and others, yet the good news is that they are illnesses in which recovery is possible.
Mental illness can affect anyone, age, race or religious group even status quo and mental illness is not a result of a person’s weakness or lack of character or upbringing. Diagnosis and treatment of a mental disorder can bring about a change from the seriousness of the illness to stability and a life of assurance.
There are other factors involved in treatment of mental illness, which are medication, cognitive behavioral therapy and community services as well. These are necessary as a part of treatment to help a person with recovery. Other factors include transportation, diet and exercise, sleep and trusting friends and family.
Mental illness is a serious medical condition and many Americans live with a serious mental illness; that’s roughly about 6 percent of the population. Mental illness corrupts people in the prime of their lives through environment, society, drugs, alcoholism even genetics; yet it is the young and the old who are most susceptible. Without treatment, unemployment exist, drug use, homelessness and suicide take the stage in people diagnosed as mentally ill; yet with medication and social services to guide the unfortunate many people can overcome the seriousness of their mental illness and achieve a new way of life.
Written by Donald S.

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