Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mentally ill in Prison

They have mentally ill prisoners in Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. That is what this article says: “Inside the nation’s most locked-down federal prison, inmates shout, cry, talk to themselves and bang on their cell walls for hours at a time, according to a new lawsuit filed in Denver.” It is the most horrible thing to be locked up when you are mentally ill. I remember, I stayed in my cell and when they asked if I wanted to leave to go to population I would say yes. Then when it was time to move I would get paranoid and not leave.
In this prison they are locked up for twenty three hours a day. “They swallow razor blades, smear feces around their 12-foot-by-7-foot cells and mutilate themselves with sharpened chicken bones. One inmate amputated two of his fingers.” You are not right in the mind so of course they do those things to themselves. A sane person would go insane in the regular prison. I can understand why they would file a lawsuit to get out of there.
The suit says: “…alleges that Bureau of Prisons official are transferring prisoners with diagnosed mental illnesses to Supermax, in violation of the bureau’s policies against housing such inmates there. The suit claims that the prison then basically stops treating those inmates’ mental illnesses including sometimes taking the inmates off prescribed anti-psychotic drugs-making it difficult for the inmates to ever prove they can be transferred out of Supermax. The strict security often worsens the prisoners’ mental-health problems, the suit alleges. That was the worse when I was locked up, being off medication or not having any medication.
I can only hope they fix the problem even if the only way is a lawsuit. I was locked up in eighty nine. There was not that many mentally ill in prison at that time. I know it is worse by now. They would ask why I was not in population. I would never say because I did not understand myself. It is hard on the mentally ill and also on the other inmates.

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