Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Knowing Diabetes

It’s been suggested that mental health consumers who live with schizophrenia and/or the bipolar disorder are much more inclined to developing diabetes.  There is no direct connection between the three unless there are certain other attitudes associated, which are (1) a poor diet, (2) lack of exercise and (3) a drastic weight gain from antipsychotic medications.
The management and control of diabetes is a concern, especially when a mental health consumer has schizophrenia and at this, the managing of diabetes can be complicated.  If a person has schizophrenia, living their life with a psychosis is not exactly easy and controlling and a disease such as diabetes at the same time is just as complicated as managing their daily life with schizophrenia or a bipolar disorder.  There are certain complications that can follow a person with diabetes who is a mental health consumer, though not all will suffer any of them, many still do, as I have, such as, (1) Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), (2) Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) or (3) Diabetic Ketoacidosis (the body breaks down fat if it is starved for energy, producing a toxic acid called Ketones, which cause, heart, brain and central nervous system failure).
These are all short term complications, which results from the lack of management of the diabetes, leading to serious physical ailments or even death.  I understand I have diabetes, yet there are days I think I can “cheat” on taking care of the necessities of controlling the disease.  My wanting soda’s instead of water, or a Danish instead of a salad, candy instead of fruit warrants setting myself up for failure when I should be managing the disease and exercising with respect for my own life.  At this point I am walking myself into long term complications without the lack of sincerity to maintain and control the diabetes.
There are statistics which leave a person in fear and searching for a change in their lifestyle, yet if you are schizophrenic or bipolar you have to understand the risk factors that conceive the development of a coronary disease, stroke or type 2 diabetes.  These factors once understood can let you know if you are at risk; poor cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and excessive fat.  Finally knowing that a mental health consumer in treatment with antipsychotic medications, people with schizophrenic or bipolar, are the highest at risk for developing diabetes. One reason is some antipsychotic medications can raise blood sugars and cholesterol to very high levels and produce significant weight gain as well. This is the reason why I should be more careful about what I eat, when I eat and what I drink, so that the world around me can see that I do care about myself, even if I am a mental health consumer as the many other clients/consumers should. 

Written by Donald S.

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  1. I'm agree with you that the diabetes not just effect a person physically even the mentally also.

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