Monday, October 18, 2010


I was sitting at my computer at home, trying to understand creation of databases by arranging one of my own. My mind was blank as to what I wanted for data. The afternoon outside was comfortable, yet the children who live in the building and the teenagers and some younger adults were obnoxious; I couldn’t think for the noise they made on any extreme. I slowly urged myself on to designing the fields and setting different types of data that were necessary and had reluctantly finished the table design. I had to endure a world outside my own to accomplish a task, I realized this was perseverance.
As a client of MHCD for many years, I was just as noisy, and headstrong as the children and others whose loud persistence kept in the way of my achieving my goal, only my attitude was drunken and drug induced and I let this attitude get in the way of the clinicians and case managers way of bringing me back to reality. They perceived and steadfast in their belief that I could survive as a better person. I could have turned my back on them, yet I remained with the ideas they had given me without unceasing belief that I could change.
We all have ideas that we can become better individuals, with our own mercy, we want to continue living for the better and with our hope. We prove this even if we are down in the gutters of life; we prove it by trying to reach out to others when we are not strong. Deep inside we want to succeed and overcome the strife and no other word describes this light of strength than perseverance.
In MHCD’s Outcomes, there are professionals who look at our past and show not only we who have fallen into disrepair, yet others of whom have the ability to rebuild those broken doors and show us what can be possible if we continue to seek what we imagine through truth what will console our lives. For years I didn’t believe in myself, yet overcoming obstacles is to reach beyond them despite the difficulty and believe in those that believe in you with insight.
Written by Donald Sammons

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