Monday, October 11, 2010

Becoming Creative

One of the joys I have always been enchanted with is creativity. In this technological age we live in, I find information going in, swirling around and reaching my mind in so many new ways. This happens with everyone, one time or another.
Whatever it is you want to do creatively, do it while it is on your mind. Hiking, dancing, writing, even gardening in your own windowsill, there are a lot of crafts a person can entertain his or her ideas with.
It doesn’t matter how perfect you are to begin with, what matters is that you have begun to express yourself in a positive way, and that it makes you feel good and is fun. You begin to become in touch with the creative side of life and that opens the mind to the nature of yourself.

Getting in touch with your ability to create is wonderful, it is a part of the system of the universe around you, as if you were a child again, creating something with which to have fun and enjoy. Our imagination is a part of our creative ability; we nurture our ideas to understand the results of our dreams. This is how we become happy, through the experience of letting the garbage go and focusing on the knowledge within that helps us to share what we have learned what we have created. In mental health, there is always the embellishment of thought for consumers to share in what they have created, it’s part of the process of healing, become one with your ideas, make your dreams come true.

Written by Donald Sammons