Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Do we need discipline to change and/or recover? I think it is a big part in setting your mind to the idea; it is what you would need if you are going to change an attitude or belief. I speak from experience, when I decided to change from my old ways. I first needed discipline, because without I would have started drinking and seeing old friends, and never would have changed. I had to say to myself no matter what happens, I am going to continue on this road to recovery. There were a lot of pitfalls along the way. I got ill again and had to pick myself back up and keep going forward. Finding the right medicine that worked right, as I have mentioned in an earlier blog. There were therapists along the way, which I did not believe in their ideas. I fought them until there was a change in circumstances; even when it looked like I was doomed and nothing would get better things changed for the better. I think that also is the difference between young people who commit suicide. I wrote concerning young people and suicide in an earlier blog. They do not know from experience that if you weather out the storm it will pass. You can also read about suicide on the Mental Health Research blog. Just like the weather here in Colorado, if you wait awhile it will change. I know that is why I always have the discipline to keep moving forward. Because no matter how bad things look, if keep your head high, and keep pushing forward the results will turn out right.

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